The Blog

This blog is dedicated to spreading awareness about the ideas of The Zeitgeist Movement. The goal is to give a quick and clear access to the original content created by the Movement’s activists, in a format suitable for the web and that fits the social experience that the web can provide.

Simplicity and minimal design, that’s my goal.


As denoted by Peter Joseph, these are the guidelines for article submissions.

The articles are managed and reviewed by the Newsletter sub-team. If you have an article to submit, please email it to:

The following subjects/suggestions are welcome:

Current state of affairs

  • Current Economic Social Breakdown/New Reporting (Current crisis, failed reforms, Debt/Credit Expansion, Inflation, etc)
  • Current Environmental Problems emerging from the Market System (resource depletion, pollution, peak oil, weather destabilization/etc)
  • Market/Profit based Crime stats/trends
  • High-Finance Crime/Scams
  • Human Health Degradation both physical and psychological
  • Trend analysis of various issues, such as the coming bankruptcy of the United States, etc.
  • Market obsolescence and waste production/trends
  • Globalization (poverty/slavery/pollution/etc)

Advanced Solutions to Basic Social needs

  • Advanced Food Production
  • Advanced Energy resource/infrastructure
  • Nanotechnology and abundance possibilities
  • Systems theory/Engineering/City Planning
  • City Systems
  • Efficiency techniques and Preservation
  • Automation advancements
  • Artificial intelligence

Human Behavior/Psychology

  • Sociological studies expressing issues regarding Human Behavior causality
  • Pattern of incarceration and studies in criminology as related to both Monetary Gain and Violent neurosis.
  • Traditional Mentalities/”Mind Lock”/ Fear of change

Debunking myths about a resource based economy

  • How is it different from communisms
  • Is it utopia?
  • etc…

There is a vast field of inquiry here and I look forward to seeing the research the community is able to come up with! If the articles become abundant, we will also begin an online section for other articles which might not make it into the newsletter.

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